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Get to Know a Frog, or a Worm, or a Fish Says Sylvia Earle
An interview with Oceanographer Sylvia Earle

button-01-01 The Great Egret Sanctuary: Sharing an Adventure with Good Friends Egrets. Add an R and it becomes regrets. Is it possible to speak of regret, birds, women friends, and youth in the same post? We sat in the shade under the awning with other visitors and took turns using the viewing scopes to spy on courting rituals, egret eggs, and fuzzy babies.


The Music of an Auction I am a long-time fan of Antiques RoadshowAmerican Pickers, and the Lovejoy mystery books and television show. I only wish I hadn’t waited until I moved to Washington state to attend my first auction. Driving through winding roads lined with pine, fir, and deciduous trees set the mood. I never saw so many shades of green, from the palest to the deepest. One could think that nothing but green might be less than exciting, but the contrast and beauty was breathtaking.

button-01-01Op-Ed published in the San Francisco Chronicle (‘Mom,’ he said, ‘I’m in love; his name is Jeremy’)
My son David tried several times before he found the words to tell me that he is gay.


Essay about Genealogy
Most of the puzzle pieces are turned facedown with disconnected bits of information clamoring for attention. Tracing family history means becoming a detective as knowledge is assembled from small clues and the clues interweave with intuitive and educated guesswork.

button-01-01Article published in San Jose Mercury News Page 1    Page 2
As I try to tiptoe past the age of 50, some things have become inextricably mixed in my memories – Elvis Presley, my grandmother, and Pentecostal revival meetings.

Developed content, edited, designed, and produced a quarterly 8-page tabloid distributed to more than 60,000 homes. The purpose was to educate the public about hospice, end-of-life, and other healthcare issues.

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